The 8th CIFIT is expected to complete the exhibiti

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The 8th CIFIT is expected to complete the exhibition organization work ahead of schedule

the exhibition recruitment work of the 8th CIFIT is progressing smoothly. Huang Ling, director of the conference Department of CIFIT and vice mayor of Xiamen, said at the second preparatory meeting of the Organizing Committee held in Lanzhou yesterday afternoon that the exhibition organization work of this CIFIT is expected to be completed ahead of schedule, and strive to further improve the overall arrangement level and quality compared with previous ones

Huang Ling said that the main exhibition hall of this CIFIT has member units' investment promotion Pavilion, overseas Pavilion, investment service pavilion and enterprise pavilion, with a total of 1500 international standard booths planned. In addition to the member units, nearly 100 institutions from more than 30 countries and regions with a year-on-year increase of 29.3% decided to participate, including more than 40 overseas foreign associations and more than 20 multinational companies

Huang Ling, vice mayor of Xiamen, said, "so far, we have completed about 1000 booths in the other three pavilions except for the two pavilions of the member units, so there are only 400 booths that have not been implemented yet, but they are all negotiating in succession, not no one is exhibiting. If we are choosing, we must recruit exhibitions around the theme of the investment and trade fair."

Huang Ling said that it is expected that the current CIFIT merchants' attendance will be better than that of previous years: 41 countries and regions such as Britain, France and Sweden have decided to organize delegations to participate in the CIFIT. In addition, 45 governments of countries and regions have expressed interest in organizing delegations to participate. At the same time, 153 overseas industrial and commercial groups have been determined to participate in the conference

in terms of negotiation, this CIFIT will hold three investment project matchmaking meetings. In addition to continuing to hold foreign investment project matchmaking meetings in China, it will also add domestic investment cooperation project matchmaking meetings and Chinese enterprises' going out investment project matchmaking meetings. So far, more than 200 investors have been determined to participate in the meeting due to vibration and turbulence

Huang Ling said, "among them, more than 100 have been introduced, and nearly 100 have gone global and domestic investment. They are still in an important period of strategic opportunities for development. More than 4000 projects are ready to be offered to foreign investors to connect with others. They have been connected for more than 10 days, and some projects have begun to be successfully connected one after another. The whole matching work will probably end on August 15."

in order to make the matching effect obvious, Huang Ling asked all member units to strengthen the project packaging according to tan Weihong, general manager of Haier New Materials Research and Development Co., Ltd. In addition, this year's symposium will also be more targeted, professional and instructive

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