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Titanium dioxide enterprises are currently underemployed as a whole

at present, titanium dioxide enterprises are underemployed as a whole. The overall construction of domestic titanium dioxide is at the level of 50.18%. Under the environmental protection and safety inspection, if the construction of most enterprises is not zero, the short-term supply is relatively small

In July, Sichuan environmental protection group went to Panzhihua for environmental protection supervision, resulting in the shutdown of many local small and medium-sized mines. Many titanium dioxide plants and smelters in Panzhihua Industrial Park have also stopped production

after entering August, Panzhihua will usher in stricter environmental supervision, so some large and medium-sized enterprises are also forced to stop production. The national environmental protection inspection will cause the output of Panzhihua titanium ore to hit a new low, and the number of domestic titanium ore will continue to decline in August. However, how long the environmental protection inspection action will last and to what extent the impact will be, we still need to continue to observe in the later stage

the production cost of titanium slag continued to rise, and the pressure on enterprises increased.

after entering August, the price of domestic titanium slag was the same as that of last month, but the prices of auxiliary materials such as graphite electrode and reductant continued to rise

at present, the price of graphite electrode used in the production of titanium slag in the market has climbed to more than 45000 yuan/ton, an increase of about 3 times compared with April; Compared with last month, the price has nearly doubled. Compared with last month, the production cost of titanium slag this month has increased by nearly 1000 yuan/ton, but the product price has not changed, which also leads to the pressure that titanium slag enterprises need to bear their own costs when European companies launch revolutionary composite fuselage manufacturing technology. In case of open fire in the air or under the action of high temperature, it will immediately catch fire and burn.

due to excessive cost pressure, some titanium slag enterprises have chosen to temporarily stop production, and consider restarting after the price rises above the profit and loss line or the production cost decreases. Therefore, the output of titanium slag in China will decrease slightly in August. If the price of auxiliary materials remains high, the cost of titanium slag enterprises will never fall back, and it is expected that the possibility of titanium slag price increase will increase in the future

titanium dioxide price adjustment notice letter

on August 8, 2017, super color environmental protection new material technology Co., Ltd. issued a titanium dioxide price increase statement. From August 7, the sales price of titanium dioxide aprE avo1 used in many projects under super color environmental protection, such as Beijing Chaoyang District south 10 Liju community and Beijing education system comprehensive service center, has been increased by 500 yuan/ton

according to super color environmental protection, the main reason for raising the price of titanium dioxide this time is due to the current market changes and the rise of raw materials

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