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FeiJin tire made a shocking debut again at CAS refitted auto show. From September 8 to September 10, the seventh CAS refitted auto show was successfully held at Shanghai Anting Auto Exhibition Center. FeiJin, which integrates Liverpool elements, is now very cool. The background wall with staggered lights will show the exciting moments of FeiJin tire participating in sports events around the world one by one, allowing the audience to experience FeiJin's inherent youth, passion Sports and event genes also mean the accumulation and innovation of FeiJin from track to road, from competition to life

in addition to the unique FeiJin exhibition frame, there is also a novel football shooting game, which attracts many exhibitors. The spectators who shoot the football into the tire can get a small gift of FeiJin customized version, as well as the opportunity to get the exciting experience of drifting and riding together. This interesting and interactive live game successfully aroused the interest of the audience and effectively activated the atmosphere of the scene

the modified car brought by FeiJin tire booth this time is the chariot of Matt field, the powerful driver of its drift team. Matt field drove it many times to lead the D1 drift single race with impressive results, which attracted the audience to stop and take photos. Not only that, the "race grade tires" (azenis rt615k+) that fought side by side with drivers responded to the plastic bag recycling action and a number of global hot-selling high-performance tires were also on display at the exhibition, and many exhibitors came forward to understand and consult

2017 FeiJin cup extreme Drift Show was also in full swing outside the venue for the problems that should be paid attention to when storing and operating the electronic universal testing machine. The wonderful and visually shocking drift performance brought to you by fengrenzhi, the main driver of FeiJin drift team, and Japanese veteran Makoto Kouchi ignited the enthusiasm of all the on-site audience, and some of the audience were lucky to sit on the copilot and experience the exciting moments of tail flicking and turning

(FeiJin drift team drivers give signature posters to the audience)

at the Raffi night of CAS Shanghai auto show, FeiJin tire won the best booth and the most valuable brand at the same time, and the most valuable brand award is its second time. This is the harvest of FeiJin's continuous efforts in the transportation process, which is not easy to bump the tire

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