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Current situation and development trend of liquid ink for packaging and printing (II)

IV. flexo water-based ink

people made and applied water-based ink when they had to ensure that the system was preheated for more than 20 minutes earlier. Especially since the 1970s, due to the requirements of environmental protection and the shortage of petroleum raw materials, people began to study non solvent inks, and water-based inks have made great progress. At first, dextrin, shellac, casein and sodium lignate were mainly used as connecting materials to produce water-based intaglio ink, which was used for the printing of general books, magazines and corrugated plates. Its gloss and water resistance were poor, and the printing effect was not ideal. In the 1980s, with the development of material science, the production of water-based ink based on Maleic modified rosin as the main binder has become the mainstream. In the same period, domestic printing enterprises introduced more than ten flexographic printing carton production lines, and ink manufacturers produced flexographic water-based inks for them. However, the primary products of these inks still have the disadvantages of poor gloss, easy foaming and poor thermal stability. Since the 1990s, China has imported nearly 100 combined narrow width flexographic printing machines from Europe and the United States, which has promoted the development of water-based inks. The newly introduced production line is different from the previous flexo carton printing. The current brush machine only prints square plates, but the machine increases the printing of line plates. The lowest line has reached 150 lines/inch. Therefore, new requirements are put forward for the coloring power, transfer printing, water resistance and re solubility of ink. It is urgent to develop new water-based ink. Since the late 1980s, Tianjin "All OEMs and tier 1 suppliers are working hard to solve this problem. Ink manufacturers in Gangu, Hangzhou and other places have developed water-based flexographic inks with acrylic solution as the connecting material. By the mid and late 1990s, water-based inks used the production process of acrylic lotion or colloidal dispersion as the connecting material, which has brought China's water-based inks into the stage of upgrading. The quality level of their inks and the quality level of solvent based inks It is almost close, and the ink is non-toxic and non combustible. It is green printing. It is the preferred ink for the packaging of food, drugs, cigarettes and other products

water based inks combined with different printing methods can be applied to a wide range of substrates. Judging from the development trend of international packaging printing, water-based ink has developed from a single carton ink to various substrate printing. Ink will be comprehensively developed in paper, aluminum foil, vacuum aluminum coating, gold and silver cardboard, composite plastics, polymer materials (such as PE, PP, pet and other substrates), metal and other substrate printing. The same "water-based plastic surface printing ink" and "water-based composite plastic ink" mentioned above are new varieties developed by water-based ink. In China, offset printing, gravure printing and flexographic printing (mainly ink) have been formed in the three pillars of the packaging and printing industry. From the speed of development and the final trend, the advantages of flexographic water-based ink are very obvious


in addition to the four system products of surface printing plastic ink, internal printing plastic ink, gravure printing paper ink and flexographic water-based ink, new varieties of aluminum foil printing ink, anti-counterfeiting ink, matte ink, gravure water-based plastic ink and flexographic water-based printing ink also need further research and development by scientific researchers in the ink industry

with China's entry into WTO, the market competition of ink is becoming more and more fierce. Foreign ink products are pouring into China's market with their many varieties and high quality. Therefore, as an ink manufacturer in China, we should actively digest and absorb foreign advanced technology, strengthen our own research and development strength and level, and take advantage of the opportunity to promote our ink products to the world while occupying the domestic market

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