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Current situation and development trend of China's military construction machinery

Introduction: modern war is a local war under high-tech conditions. High and new technology has been widely used in the military field, and a variety of new weapons and technical weapons have been put into the battlefield, which has made the war more sudden and destructive than ever before, and the war's dependence on engineering support has further increased. Military engineering machinery

modern war is a local war under high-tech conditions. High and new technology has been widely used in the military field, and a variety of new weapons and technical weapons have been put into the battlefield, which has made the war more sudden and destructive than ever before, and the war's dependence on engineering support has further increased. As the machinery of military equipment to follow the engineering support tasks, military engineering machinery is the main engineering equipment to ensure the mobility, counter mobility and survival of the Chinese army in wartime, and it is an important part of the Chinese military engineering equipment. The level of its development will directly restrict the level of engineering equipment and the ability of engineering support of the Chinese army, and its position and role in modern war are becoming increasingly prominent

the current situation of domestic military construction machinery in China

the research on Chinese military construction machinery began in the early days of the founding of the people's Republic of China, but the real formation of equipment was in the 1970s. After the reform and opening up, with the rapid development of China's economy, the research and development of China's military engineering machinery has also embarked on a track of rapid development. At present, dozens of engineering machinery equipment, mainly including field engineering machinery, construction machinery and support machinery, have been formed, with basically complete varieties and specifications, and some engineering machinery has even exceeded the international advanced level in the same period

field engineering machinery

field engineering machinery is a military engineering machinery that accompanies the troops to perform field engineering support tasks. They mainly include armored engineering vehicles, multi-purpose engineering vehicles, circuit breakers, trenching machines and pit diggers, which are used to build and repair roads under the enemy's fire in wartime, build various field fortifications and open roads in the enemy's obstacles. At present, the typical equipment of the Chinese army in this regard mainly includes: gcz-110 crawler type multipurpose engineering vehicle, with type 79 tank as the chassis, which has the functions of bulldozing, lifting, saving the whole day concussion, descending assistance and leveling. The whole machine weighs 38t, the maximum driving speed is 45km/h, the maximum wading depth is 1.4m, and the driving range is 400km. It has the single machine "three defense" ability and certain armor protection ability, and the communication and night vision ability are the same as that of type 79 tank. The wheeled digging and trenching machine was developed in 1994. Its main technical indicators and performance are similar to those of Ukraine Π 3m-2 tire trencher and pit digger are basically the same; The whole machine weighs 16t, the maximum driving speed is 45km/h, and the maximum climbing capacity is 36.4%. The section size of the trench excavation: the opening width is 0.9m, the bottom width is 0.65M, and the depth is 1.2m. When excavating for many times, the width is 3.5m, and the depth is 3.0m. The ZL40 loader variant chassis is used; Type 82 circuit breaker is an improved type of type 81 circuit breaker. The whole machine weighs 20.5t, the maximum running speed is 47.4km/h, the wading depth is 1m, the maximum climbing capacity is 33%, and the engine power is 3162kw. It has the ability of "three defenses", light armor protection and self-defense. It has the ability to build roads, level craters and trenches, remove obstacles, build airports, set obstacles, carry out destructive operations, build positions and various fortifications

military construction machinery

is used in the construction of national defense projects. There are mainly bulldozers, excavators, loaders, graders, scrapers and rollers. At present, the typical equipment of the Chinese army in this regard mainly includes: gjt211 (type 82) military bulldozer, with a total weight of 20.5t, a maximum driving speed of 47.4 km/h, a maximum climbing capacity of 33%, and a maximum wading depth of 1m. It has a certain protective ability, and can carry out earthwork operations on roads, field fortifications and large masks, and can also tow other machinery when necessary; Gjz110a loader can complete various operations such as shoveling, pushing, leveling, loading and unloading, and traction. The whole machine weighs 14.72t, the maximum driving speed is 58km/h, the maximum climbing capacity is 46.6%, the bucket capacity is 1.7m3, and the maximum loading weight is 4T; Gjw110a excavator, with a wheeled chassis, weighs 13.6t, has a maximum traveling speed of 29.4km/h, a maximum climbing capacity of 36.4%, and a standard bucket capacity of 0.6m3. It can be used for excavation, loading earthwork and gravel. P4-160 grader is a kind of construction machinery mainly composed of scrapers and equipped with a variety of other replaceable operating devices for continuous leveling and shaping operations. The whole machine weighs 15.2t, operates in a hydraulic mode, with a maximum driving speed of 34.77 km/h and a maximum climbing capacity of 36.4%. It can shovel, transport soil, level the site in a large area, dig ditches, scrape slopes, and build low embankments and side ditches

support machinery

support machinery is a military engineering machinery used to cooperate with field engineering machinery and military construction machinery and carry out engineering equipment maintenance. There are mainly mobile power stations, engineering cranes and repair engineering vehicles. At present, the Chinese army has basically all the equipment in this regard, mainly military and civilian machinery, with many models and basically the same functions. However, the research on the engineering support vehicle is not very ideal. So far, there is no domestic engineering support vehicle

basic situation of foreign military construction machinery

the research on foreign military construction machinery started relatively early, especially the technology of the U.S. and Russian forces is mature and high-level, and the development of construction machinery has formed serialization, generalization and standardization

field engineering machinery is the main content of the development and research of foreign military engineering machinery, especially the combat engineering vehicle has always been the development focus of foreign military engineering machinery. They believe that the quality and level of field engineering machinery are the key factors that directly determine whether the field engineering support tasks can be successfully completed in wartime. At present, the typical equipment of foreign troops in this regard mainly includes the US M9 armored combat engineering vehicle, which was developed by the US Army mobile equipment research and development center. Since 1985, a large number of us engineers have been equipped, with a single vehicle cost of US $210 million. The overall weight of the vehicle is 24.5t, and the maximum driving speed of the highway is 48.3km/h; The waterway is 4.8km/h, the maximum wading depth is 1.83M, the maximum climbing capacity is 60%, equipped with night vision, equipped with "Three Prevention", smoke and communication tools. It can be used for many purposes, such as filling craters and trenches, rescuing combat vehicles, and removing roadblocks. Therefore, please check regularly, trees, gravel, or other battlefield obstacles, build ferries, access roads for river crossing vehicles, and build and maintain military roads and airports to improve mobility; Build obstacles for anti armor forces, destroy ferries and bridges, dig anti tank trenches, destroy landing areas and airports, build solid support points and transport obstacle builders and other anti mobility tasks, and dig bunkers for armored vehicles, build defense command posts, dig protective trenches, open up shooting land Moving the equipment needed for the construction of concealment and digging hidden trenches for pottery anti tank missile launchers and other battlefield weapons are tasks to improve survivability. Russian Army Ъ AT-2 circuit breaker, crawler chassis, is widely equipped in the Russian army engineering force, mainly engaged in earthwork operations on military roads, equipped with large shovels, cranes, winches and scarifiers, with a maximum driving speed of 35km/h, a bulldozing capacity of 200 ~ 250m3/h, and a construction of an emergency military road of 50km/24h. The cov obstacle removal vehicle of the U.S. Army is mainly installed with a composite full width minesweeping plough/bulldozer blade, two hydraulic telescopic arms and various additional operating devices, such as grapple, screw drill, hook, hydraulic hammer and magnetic minesweeping device. The vehicle weighs 65.77t, has a maximum running speed of 46.7 km/h, a maximum travel of 4.6km, and a maximum climbing capacity of 57.7%. It can open roads in minefields, and has the comprehensive operation capabilities of excavation, bulldozing, lifting and traction. It can also be used to build high-level military roads and emergency military roads, and perform the tasks of counter mobility and improving survivability

foreign armies also attach great importance to the application of military engineering machinery. Since military engineering machinery is mainly used for the construction of national defense projects, foreign armies have always adopted the method of military selection for civilian use. The military puts forward the performance requirements and main tactical indicators of machinery, and manufacturers produce construction machinery with military characteristics according to the requirements to meet the requirements of engineering support in wartime and peacetime. As for support machinery, foreign troops mainly emphasize that machinery can complete the task of rapid repair and rescue. At present, foreign troops are stepping up the research work of machinery in this area. The armies of the United States, France, Canada and other countries have done relatively well in this regard, and have their own engineering support vehicles. This type of vehicle generally uses an armored transport vehicle as the chassis, and the front of the vehicle is equipped with a bulldozer blade, which can remove general obstacles and spread mines. The vehicle carries a hydraulic drill and a hydraulic crane, and is also equipped with chain saws, wood saws, winches and other safeguard and rescue devices

comparison of military engineering machinery between the Chinese army and foreign military teams

although the Chinese army has increased the development and research of military engineering machinery in recent years according to the needs of military struggle, and has produced a number of new high-performance military engineering machinery equipment, and some equipment has exceeded the international advanced level. However, there is still a considerable gap between the overall level and that of developed countries. It is mainly reflected in the following aspects: first, in the field engineering machinery, the development and research of multi-purpose armored combat engineering vehicles are not enough. Foreign troops began the research of multi-purpose armored combat engineering vehicles in the early 1960s. By the end of the 20th century, major military powers have formed a series of equipment, which can complete the engineering maintenance tasks under various conditions, and integrate the protection ability, comprehensive operation ability, attack ability and accompanying support ability. In contrast, the research on the multi-purpose armored combat engineering vehicle of the Chinese army is just beginning, and there is still a long way to go. Second, the research on support machinery needs to be further strengthened. The US Army, Russian army, French army and British Army research is relatively better, and some support machinery is equipped with the army, while the Chinese army is not very ideal, especially the supporting equipment for rapid repair and maintenance machinery in wartime is still blank. Third, the mobility and accompanying support capabilities of military construction machinery need to be further improved. The mobile speed of modern war forces is getting faster and faster, and mobile warfare has become the main combat mode. Under this condition, military engineering machinery must have a faster mobile speed in order to complete the accompanying engineering mission, so as to ensure the smooth completion of the engineering mission. The construction machinery currently assembled by the Chinese army will show bright colors compared with the films of foreign armies. Compared with military construction machinery, the mobility speed is generally slow, and it can no longer meet the requirements of modern war

fourth, the stability of construction machinery is poor. A considerable number of construction machinery in the Chinese army are refitted from imported construction machinery or civil construction machinery. Compared with foreign military construction machinery, their stability is relatively poor, such as short failure free interval, easy damage to some parts and components, unstable working performance, etc. These deficiencies can be overcome in peacetime, but they will emerge in wartime, which will seriously affect the timely completion of the Chinese Army's engineering support tasks, and may even delay the fighters and cause the loss of the whole battle

development trend of military engineering machinery

from the current situation of domestic and foreign military engineering machinery and the requirements of future military struggle for engineering support, the development trend of Chinese military engineering machinery is: the development direction of military engineering machinery

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