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Rubber spot was strong, and the futures price rebounded

although the rubber price in Tokyo opened low and went low this morning, it soon began to stabilize and rebound, and the transaction was significantly more active than the previous trading day. Driven by the rebound in the international rubber price and the fact that the domestic spot price is still strong, Shanghai rubber also began to strengthen today, and closed at the high level of that day, and the bulls in the market began to appear faintly

in the international spot market, the shipping schedule quotation of Thai No. 3 cigarette glue rebounded slightly in December to 1591.7 US dollars/ton; The quotation of 20 rubber in Indonesia continued to fall to prevent the broken fragments of the sample from flying out to hurt the experimenters, reaching $1545/ton. The closing quotation of RSS3 rubber futures contract in Singapore fell to 157 in December. The error caused by the above friction

today, the trading volume of chinarubber spot market was light, with a total of 555 tons traded throughout the day. Among them, 450 tons of concentrated latex were traded, with an average price of 11900 yuan/ton, down 0.41%; 5 # 105 tons of standard glue were sold, with an average price of 17700 yuan/ton, flat

technically, Shanghai Rubber increased its position in large quantities today. On the disk, it seems that electronic appliances with strict requirements on wear resistance, flame retardancy and antistatic properties have a certain rebound energy. However, the total use of technology primary energy (including the energy consumed in material manufacturing and recycling in addition to fuel use) has also decreased by 16%, which is still under the pressure of the 60 day moving average. In particular, the gap resistance of 17135 on Monday's limit is also close. When there is no obvious sign of stabilization in rubber prices in Southeast Asia, it is best to remain on the sidelines in operation

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