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Rubber Valley sings a harvest movement in autumn

Qingdao in golden autumn and October, with light clouds and high sky, emerald and flowing gold, and the sea breeze blowing on its face. In addition to several large plastic enterprise groups with junior facilities, the red balloon arch in front of the rubber valley comprehensive office building in Sifang District, and the colored flags dancing with the wind welcomed all visitors. Rubber Valley ushered in the first harvest season

on October 16, rubber Valley ceremoniously held the unveiling ceremony of the office of China Rubber Industry Association in rubber Valley, rubber hose and tape branch, rubber shoes branch, and the entry of China Eucommia rubber academy into rubber valley. It also ushered in the signing ceremony of Sinochem International and Jinyu tire entering the rubber valley

the continuous and smooth progress of various activities has raised the atmosphere on the scene, made rubber people feel happy, and also marked the beginning of a new chapter in the construction of rubber valley. Take you to the venue to witness the growth of the rubber Valley and the important moment of the rubber industry

I. chatting and laughing, interpreting six questions

time: 9:00 a.m.

location: the second floor of rubber valley comprehensive office building

activity: media meeting

scene: the crowd was full, and the photography "long guns and short cannons" was ready in front of the rostrum. On the media seats below the stage, they either exchanged with each other, or read the materials, or wrote their own questions on paper. With a burst of voices, fan Rende, President of China Rubber Industry Association, Cai Quanji, deputy head of Sifang District, Qingdao, Liu Guangye, vice president of Qingdao University of science and technology, Zhang Yan, general manager of rubber Valley Co., Ltd., and other leaders entered the venue. The venue immediately flashed, and they were eager to try. The media meeting kicked off

novel mode and complete functions

open the door to welcome guests and settle in one after another

question: the construction speed of rubber Valley is very fast. Today, Sinochem International and other large enterprises have settled in one after another. What functions does rubber valley have and what is its development mode? What are the plans of rubber Valley in the future? What services can the park provide for the development of settled enterprises

General Manager of rubber Valley Co., Ltd. Zhang Yan:

the functions of rubber Valley: scientific research and education, entrepreneurship incubation, information platform, exhibition business, Cultural Expo, intermediary accommodation

development mode: the development mode of the ecosystem of the rubber industry

the plan of the later stage of the rubber Valley: the first phase of the rubber Valley, 650 mu, has been completed, with a total construction area of 350000 square meters. The Sifang campus of Qingdao University of science and technology has been built. During the start-up period of rubber Valley, it includes rubber Valley International Trading Center, scientific research center, information center and entrepreneurship incubation center

in the next few years, the construction of phase II, III and IV of rubber valley will be launched, mainly including key projects such as International Rubber Exhibition Center, China Rubber Museum, rubber commercial and cultural street, headquarters base, etc. After all the construction of the park is completed, the 3000 mu park will be presented in front of you, a new urban area full of vitality

the services provided by rubber Valley: there are mainly four aspects. One is the one-stop special service window for government affairs, which realizes the parallel approval of industry and commerce, national tax, local tax, customs, inspection and quarantine, personnel and social security, commerce, quality supervision, etc. The second is to provide convenient measures for enterprises in the park in terms of enrollment, medical treatment, transportation, registered residence immigration, personnel management, housing, etc. Third, the park has lawyers, accountants, appraisers, management consulting, translation and other firms; Advertising, brand planning, talent search, media and other brand marketing resources; Banks, funds and venture capital institutions provide systematic intermediary services for enterprises. Fourth, the park has developed information technology, which will provide the park with e-commerce services such as production and marketing matching system, rubber product trading system, the "headquarters + base" remote management system under the three integration, flexible and agile production management system, rubber intellectual property trading platform, and reduce the office costs of various enterprises in the park

fast information and low cost

Talent Gathering opportunities reappear

second question: after all kinds of enterprises make foaming difficult, they will successively enter the rubber valley. What new development opportunities or opportunities will there be

Zhang Yan, general manager of rubber Valley Co., Ltd.:

all kinds of raw material enterprises and rubber finished products enterprises gather in the rubber valley. The product market supply and demand information will be known by the majority of enterprises faster and more accurately, and the upstream and downstream production and marketing will be smoother. Therefore, the transaction costs of enterprises will be greatly reduced, thereby enhancing the profitability of our enterprises in the market

rubber Valley has many scientific research institutes and state key laboratories, and there are many basic technology research and application research achievements in the rubber field. Enterprises can easily obtain these information here, and can form cooperative relations with relevant scientific research institutions to quickly turn scientific research achievements into practical products

in the rubber Valley, there are Qingdao University of science and technology, Qingdao rubber tire engineering college, rubber Valley International Training Center and other institutions, which provide a systematic re education environment for enterprise operation skill talents, professional technical talents, medium and high-level technical and management talents in terms of basic theoretical knowledge training, operation skill improvement, management knowledge improvement, etc., and solve the bottleneck of enterprise talent knowledge improvement, At the same time, it also ensures the supply of a large number of talents

aggregate rubber industry resources

shorten the service path of the association

three questions: there are many R & D institutions in the national rubber industry. Why did the China Rubber Industry Association choose to settle in the rubber Valley? What opportunities will the association bring after its entry? What impact will rubber Valley bring to China's rubber industry

fan Rende, President of China Rubber Industry Association:

Rubber Association settled in rubber Valley: first, China Rubber Industry Association is a self-discipline organization of various rubber enterprises, which plays a guiding role and information service role for rubber enterprises across the country. After settling in rubber Valley, it can quickly transmit the development information of rubber industry to enterprises through the platform of rubber Valley, so that these enterprises can have a rapid response strategy to the market, Shorten the path of the association to serve enterprises

second, the layout of China's rubber industry is relatively scattered, and the regional development is not coordinated. The entry of the association into the rubber Valley can effectively aggregate various resources of the rubber industry, which is conducive to centralizing the strength of the rubber industry to do great things and supporting China's rubber industry

third, the development orientation of the rubber Valley is accurate, taking the world first as the development goal, which is in line with the development trend of China's rubber industry. The entry of the association into the rubber Valley can accelerate this process, and it is also a negative impact on the development of the national rubber industry

new opportunities brought by the entry of the Rubber Association: first, it can provide information services for all kinds of rubber more directly and accurately, so that enterprises can avoid business risks. Second, it can integrate scientific research and technology resources in the industry, focus on breaking through a number of industrial technical problems, accelerate the development of China's rubber technology, and overcome technical bottlenecks. Third, some industry norms or rules formulated by the association to clean up the healthy development of the market can play a role quickly and make the whole industry develop healthily. Fourth, Qingdao is a coastal city and a city with a high degree of internationalization. The association has ushered in another week of busy work in rubber Valley, so that it can more conveniently communicate with the outside world, communicate with international friends at all levels, make friends, learn from their strengths, make up for their shortcomings, and shorten the growth process of various rubber enterprises

unique scientific research and technology

market model benefits from multiple sources

question 4: what are the unique conditions for building a rubber Valley in Qingdao? What is the impact on China's rubber industry

General Manager of rubber Valley Co., Ltd. Zhang Yan:

conditions for building rubber Valley in Qingdao:

first, Qingdao University of science and technology, Huangpu Military Academy in the rubber industry, graduates more than 2800 rubber students every year. There are also the cultivation base of the State Key Laboratory of eco chemical industry (Ministry of Education), the Key Laboratory of rubber and plastic materials and engineering of the State Ministry of education, the Key Laboratory of eco chemical industry of the State Ministry of education, the national tire process and Control Engineering Technology Research Center (Ministry of science and Technology), the National Engineering Laboratory of tire materials and advanced equipment (National Development and Reform Commission) High performance polymers and molding technology, engineering research center of the Ministry of education and other six national scientific research and technology institutions, rubber has a strong technical foundation

Second, the rubber industry in Shandong achieved a sales revenue of 173.996 billion yuan in 2010, accounting for more than 25% of the national rubber industry revenue. Qingdao is also the leading city in Shandong. The construction of a rubber Valley in Qingdao is conducive to giving play to the basic advantages of Shandong's rubber industry

third, Qingdao is a coastal city with pleasant environment and convenient transportation

● air transportation: 96 domestic routes and 12 International (regional) routes

● sea transportation: 97 international container routes

● Railway: 43.5 pairs of passenger trains, including 18 pairs of EMU trains

● highway: 9 major highways. The land, sea and air transportation is developed, which is convenient for business and technical research

fourth, Qingdao, as a city with separate planning, has included rubber Valley in the 12th Five year development plan of Qingdao, giving all-round support at the policy level to facilitate the rapid development of the park

the impact of the rubber Valley on the rubber industry: first of all, it needs to be explained that although the core area of the rubber Valley is built in Qingdao, in the future, with the improvement and expansion of the park's functions, it will become a Grand Canyon and a great rift valley, which will continue to expand outward and break through regional restrictions. Rubber Valley is based in Qingdao, rushing out of China and into the world. Its influence has gone far beyond the scope of Qingdao rubber industry alone. The construction of rubber Valley has the following positive significance:

first, accelerate the transformation of various rubber scientific research achievements, accelerate the reform of rubber scientific research system, accelerate the transformation of laboratory science to modern industry and modern life, and return the cold rubber theory to a harmonious life

second, the aggregation of various rubber enterprises will lead to many new market models and upstream and downstream linkage mechanisms. The model of the rubber industry business ecosystem will deeply affect the development of each enterprise, but also benefit each enterprise, and the enterprise profits will be guaranteed

University of science and technology has strong strength

mainstay of professionals

fifth question: compared with Stanford University to Silicon Valley in the United States, how does Qingdao University of science and technology support rubber Valley? What kind of scientific research force is the mainstay at present

Liuguangye, vice president of Qingdao University of science and technology:

Qingdao University of science and technology is the Huangpu Military Academy in China's rubber industry. Over the years, it has sent tens of thousands of technical and management talents to various rubber enterprises across the country. Stanford University is the core driving force of Silicon Valley in the United States, and Qingdao University of science and technology is the core driving force of rubber valley

there are more than 30 provincial and municipal key laboratories in the University, as well as 6 national key engineering laboratories and engineering centers. Later, some heavyweight enterprise technology centers will come in for support. It can be said that the scientific research force to be the mainstay is strong

create Silicon Valley of rubber industry

local governments have a green light all the way

question 6: in order to build the rubber valley into a world-renowned rubber core, what specific measures have local governments taken to help the construction of the rubber Valley

CAI Quanji, deputy head of Qingdao Sifang District:

in order to build the rubber valley into a world-famous Silicon Valley of the rubber industry, Sifang District and Qingdao municipal government have done a lot of policy work:

first, provide financial incentives for many enterprises entering the park, so that they can obtain rapid development opportunities in the short term

second, government one-stop approval

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