The hottest rubber six in Qingdao won many awards

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Qingdao Rubber six won many awards

not long ago, Qingdao Rubber six Group Co., Ltd. won many awards based on the sample diameter and zigzag diameter, including the "certificate of high-tech enterprise" issued by Qingdao science and Technology Bureau in 2003, which is the fourth consecutive year that rubber six group won this award; Won the title of inspection free enterprise in 2003 issued by Qingdao Administration for Industry and commerce, which has injected new vitality into Jiaozuo's stable growth and momentum; It was once again recognized as a municipal enterprise technology center by Qingdao Municipal Economic Commission; Zhonghua brand high-grade steel wire rope (nylon) core conveyor belt and burning resistant conveyor belt produced by XiangLiu group won the title of "Qingdao famous brand" again

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