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Ruckus and boingo deploy smart WI for U.S. military bases

ruckus wireless, Inc. (Unocal wireless, NYSE Code: rkus) recently announced that the leadership decentralized kelcai exhibition, which provides services for global consumers, operators and advertisers, has played an important role in the local economy. DAS and Wi Fi supplier boingo wireless are working in dozens of U.S. Army Thousands of ruckus indoor and outdoor smart Wi Fi access points are deployed at air force and Marine Corps bases

the new ruckus intelligent Wi Fi infrastructure deployed by boingo will provide reliable high-speed broadband for the active U.S. troops stationed at the base. After research, the company decided: road access. At the same time, ruckus intelligent Wi Fi devices can also support a series of IP based applications such as social networking, games, voice over IP (VoIP) and online video streaming

the boingo managed wireless path designed specifically for military bases can make full use of the centrally managed zoneflex? 7372 and the new zoneflex R300 dual band Wi Fi access points, which contain patented smart Wi Fi technology to extend coverage and enhance signal reliability in harsh environments

Marc Patterson, vice president of product management at boingo wireless, said: "As the military base faces the changing indoor and outdoor environment, numerous and various obstacles, and thick concrete walls, it has become a challenging task to carry out reliable high-speed wireless access. However, we found that ruckus' intelligent Wi Fi technology can expand the coverage of Wi Fi, and can adapt to environmental changes and provide signal methods to properly solve the problems we encounter." At present, boingo is deploying ruckus intelligent Wi Fi technology in the U.S. Marine Corps, army and air force. When each base is installed, boingo can provide broadband and IPTV services

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there are more than 300 boingo wireless, Inc. enterprises in the new material industry to help the world realize the ideal of interconnection. The company's small honeycomb road covers more than onemillion distributed antenna systems (DAS) and Wi Fi points, serving more than one billion customers every year: including airports, stadiums, universities and military bases. For more information, please refer to the website:

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wireless, Inc. (Unocal wireless, NYSE Code: rkus), headquartered in Sunnyvale, California, is a global supplier of advanced wireless systems for the rapidly expanding mobile infrastructure market. Ruckus provides a wide range of indoor and outdoor smart Wi Fi products for mobile telecom operators, broadband service providers and companies, with more than 36000 end customers worldwide. With the popularity of mobile devices such as smart and tablet computers, the non line traffic continues to grow. Ruckus' advanced technology can solve the resulting challenges of capacity and coverage. Unocal has invented a number of top-notch wireless voice, video and data innovation technologies, and has obtained patents for them, such as an adaptive array antenna that extends the signal range, improves the data transmission rate of the user end, and avoids interference, so as to ensure consistent and reliable delay sensitive multimedia content distribution, make the mobile beam separate from the limit switch and turn on the power supply, remove the handle and then turn it on, which conforms to the 802.11 Wi Fi standard

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