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The status quo and development trend of counter fake package technology

the status quodeveloping trend of counter fake package technology

-- comprehensive counter fake package

[Abstract] this paper makes a brief comment on China's packaging anti-counterfeit technology, points out the existing problems, puts forward the standards of good anti-counterfeit packaging, and predicts that comprehensive anti-counterfeit packaging is the development direction of anti-counterfeit technology in the future

key words: current situation and trend of comprehensive anti-counterfeiting of packaging

the prevalence of fake and shoddy products has become a major cancer that hinders China's economic development and interferes with the order of the socialist market economy. How to use product packaging for effective anti-counterfeiting is a major issue we are facing. At present, there are still some misunderstandings in the anti-counterfeiting work, such as simply relying on a certain technology and ignoring management, ignoring the comprehensive anti-counterfeiting of the quality of the spring tension and compression testing machine, and ignoring the recognition ability and level of consumers. The anti-counterfeiting effect is not ideal. An effective anti-counterfeiting method should be that consumers can easily identify without professional knowledge, the technology used is extremely difficult to copy, the cost of anti-counterfeiting is low, and it is an organic combination of science and technology and management technology. This should be the development direction of packaging anti-counterfeiting

1. Current situation and review of anti-counterfeiting technology

at present, various anti-counterfeiting technologies are mainly realized with packaging as the carrier. According to the basic materials, it can be divided into: paper anti-counterfeiting, printing technology anti-counterfeiting, ink anti-counterfeiting and structure anti-counterfeiting, laser, bar code, code anti-counterfeiting technology, etc

1.1 paper anti-counterfeiting technology

mainly includes laser hologram anti-counterfeiting paper, watermark paper, and laser hologram anti-counterfeiting paper, which directly makes holographic patterns on paper. The price of this kind of anti-counterfeiting paper is only slightly higher than that of ordinary composite gold and silver cardboard, which is only equivalent to one tenth of the price of holographic anti-counterfeiting trademark, and it is easy to be accepted by merchants. But the technology is simple and easy to copy

the watermark is formed by pressing in the papermaking process, and the required marks and patterns can be made into the paper. These patterns are not easy to see under normal circumstances, only because they are directly related to the final detection effect and can be seen against strong light. Watermark is still recognized as an effective anti-counterfeiting technology by anti-counterfeiting experts all over the world. Because its manufacturing process is complex, it makes counterfeiters helpless. Checking the watermark is also one of the most effective means to identify the true and false. It will be the development trend in the future to use a large number of watermarks in packaging and decoration

1.2 printing anti-counterfeiting technology

the better the anti-counterfeiting effect of packaging and upholstery prints that are more difficult to print and adopt multiple processes such as hand, convex, concave and flat, convex and concave leakage. Multi color serial printing, you can print multiple colors at one time, and the middle transition is soft. Because it is difficult to see the position distance of the ink tank partition from the print, it can also play a certain anti-counterfeiting role. If this process is used in large-area shading printing, its anti-counterfeiting effect will be more prominent. Gravure printing technology, engraving gravure printing has better anti-counterfeiting effect. Because the printing technology is easy to master, the overall anti-counterfeiting effect is poor

1.3 ink anti-counterfeiting technology

anti counterfeiting ink is a special printing ink processed by adding anti-counterfeiting materials with special properties into the ink binder, and should reduce or not use those raw materials with low boiling point, high volatility, or containing toxic and harmful elements and compounds (such as lead, cadmium, halogen and other elements, formaldehyde and other compounds). Its specific implementation is mainly printed on tickets, product trademarks and packaging by ink printing. This kind of anti-counterfeiting technology is characterized by simple implementation, low cost, good concealment, bright colors, convenient inspection and strong emphasis. It is the preferred anti-counterfeiting technology for banknotes, tickets and trademarks in various countries. The types of anti-counterfeiting inks mainly include: UV fluorescent ink, sunlight Induced Discoloration anti-counterfeiting ink, thermal anti-counterfeiting ink, magnetic ink, biochemical reaction ink, etc. The disadvantage is that consumers are not easy to identify

1.4 bar code, code anti-counterfeiting identification and identification system

commodity bar code is a kind of code of commodities, which is designed by human beings for the effective management of commodities such as computers. At present, it is generally believed that there are only two kinds of bar codes with anti-counterfeiting function, one is invisible bar code, and the other is metal bar code. However, bar code anti-counterfeiting technology is not suitable for direct identification by consumers. The code anti-counterfeiting identification and identification system is to set a random password on each product and archive all the records of all incoming products in the anti-counterfeiting data center library, so that consumers can use computers and other tools to check the correctness of passwords to identify the authenticity of products. However, there are loopholes in the code anti-counterfeiting logo, and most consumers are unwilling to inquire, which leaves a gap for counterfeiters

2. The development trend of anti-counterfeiting packaging technology -- comprehensive anti-counterfeiting packaging

comprehensive anti-counterfeiting packaging technology is guided by management science, breaks through the limitations of pure scientific and technological anti-counterfeiting thinking, takes packaging materials with strong anti-counterfeiting function as the carrier, organically applies various anti-counterfeiting science and technology and management technology, and follows the restriction law of counterfeiting and distribution of low-quality products and preventing counterfeiting and distribution of low-quality products, Design and manufacture packaging products with strong anti-counterfeiting functions and comprehensive anti-counterfeiting technology with mandatory management measures. Comprehensive anti-counterfeiting packaging technology basically includes anti-counterfeiting science and technology, auxiliary product function technology, management technology, basic material technology, structural form technology, warning technology, scrap technology and so on

2.1 science and technology integration: if watermark anti-counterfeiting technology, fiber texture technology, ink printing technology and other anti-counterfeiting technology are integrated, it is extremely difficult to copy

2.2 function integration of auxiliary products: it is a technical means to integrate a variety of auxiliary products and functions into anti-counterfeiting packaging, such as factory name, trademark, certificate of conformity, label, instruction manual, warning words, advertisement, enterprise profile, promotional card, three guarantee certificate of quality, packaging and other auxiliary products (or auxiliary functions) on the packaging, which has the characteristics of no increase in cost or little increase

2.3 management technology integration: on the basis of technology integration and auxiliary product function integration, take the certificate of conformity, label, quality warranty certificate (at least including quality warranty certificate) and sales invoice as the necessary and sufficient conditions for enterprises and distributors to provide after-sales services (maintenance, return, exchange, claim) for consumers, so that auxiliary products can play a mandatory role and become a technical means of anti-counterfeiting packaging, Become an indispensable part of consumers' purchase of products, forcing distributors to sell anti-counterfeiting packaging to consumers together with products, and also forcing consumers to ask for packaging like asking for invoices. In this way, dealers and criminals cannot use genuine packaging to pack fake goods, which has the purpose of one-time use, destruction upon unsealing, and reuse after use

2.4 basic material compounding: for example, laser holographic watermark paper and plastic film are compounded together. The plastic film can be one or two layers, which plays the role of beauty, moisture resistance, wear resistance and increasing strength. It can be used as both internal and external packaging materials. Using various anti-counterfeiting inks, various advanced printing equipment to print packaging, and so on

2.5 technical means of structural form: in structural form, it can be realized by bag sealing, self-adhesive tape sealing, box sealing, card sealing, ring sealing and other ways. For different products, different structures are used to realize their anti-counterfeiting function. For example, small products are sealed in bags or boxes; Larger ones shall be sealed with self-adhesive tape; Cylinder products are sealed with ring seals or self-adhesive tapes; Cigarette products can be sealed with cards or boxes; For some famous and high-quality products or imported original products, you can stick dry adhesive tape on key parts; It can be used as a package, alone or in combination. In this way, we can give full play to the role of structural form in anti-counterfeiting technology

2.6 warning technical means: add a warning with special marks on the conspicuous place or seal of the anti-counterfeiting package to remind consumers how to identify genuine and fake goods, and after deciding to pay for the purchase of products, they must ask for the anti-counterfeiting package from the distributor at the same time of asking for the invoice, so as to protect their legitimate rights and interests (enjoy the return and replacement, maintenance services and claims with the invoice and quality assurance), At the same time, there is no opportunity for dealers and criminals to pack fake goods with anti-counterfeiting packaging

2.7 scrapping technical means: once the seal of the anti-counterfeiting package is torn off and the adhesive is torn off, the anti-counterfeiting package is scrapped and cannot be reused. In this way, there is no opportunity for dealers and criminals to pack fake goods with anti-counterfeiting packaging, which further strengthens and consolidates the effect of the above six anti-counterfeiting technical means. Thus, the purpose of using composite packaging management to enforce anti-counterfeiting technology is achieved

the comprehensive anti-counterfeit packaging technology is realized by manufacturing a comprehensive anti-counterfeit bag or a comprehensive anti-counterfeit seal

2.8 characteristics of comprehensive anti-counterfeiting packaging technology

2.8.1 the technology is complex and difficult to copy: the watermark trademark and factory name are formed in the papermaking process and difficult to copy. Compared with other anti-counterfeiting technologies, it is not easy to copy. It turns the general easy to fake into the extremely difficult to fake

watermark technology has become a well-known anti-counterfeiting technology for consumers. Consumers do not need to have other professional knowledge. As long as they can recognize the authenticity of RMB, they can distinguish the authenticity of goods with the naked eye. Compared with other anti-counterfeiting technologies, which can only be identified with the help of special instruments and professional knowledge, it is easy to identify and promote. It turns expert identification into ordinary consumer identification

2. 8.2 it has a strong physical anti-counterfeiting function: the comprehensive anti-counterfeiting packaging integrates the product trademark, factory name, certificate of conformity, label, instruction manual, warning words, enterprise advertisement, introduction, reward card, quality three guarantee certificate, packaging and other ancillary products into one, and becomes the inner or outer packaging of the product itself, an integral part of the product itself, so that the product anti-counterfeiting packaging has a strong physical anti-counterfeiting function. Compared with other anti-counterfeiting technologies, which are only attachments on a certain accessory product, this makes the whole product and accessory products more viable because of this special anti-counterfeiting function, and thus becomes the soul that dominates the life of the product

2. 8.3 it has the dual function of compulsory anti-counterfeiting: the comprehensive anti-counterfeiting packaging has become a good helper for the after-sales service of enterprises because it integrates the product certificate, label, instruction manual, warning words, enterprise advertisement, introduction, reward card, quality three guarantee certificate, packaging and other ancillary products. The warning sign at the seal clearly stipulates that users must issue product certificate, quality guarantee certificate and invoice at the same time to enjoy the after-sales service of the enterprise, including goods return and replacement

the above two physical functions strengthen the efforts of enterprises to control consumers by using products, certificates of conformity, labels, three guarantee certificates of quality, warnings, packaging and other ancillary products and anti-counterfeiting technology functions, so that consumers must carefully read the warnings when purchasing products, tear up the anti-counterfeiting packaging of products to confirm the authenticity before paying for them, and take the anti-counterfeiting packaging of products with the invoice, leaving no room for operators to exchange fake for true

2.8.4 the comprehensive anti-counterfeiting packaging has the characteristics of one-time use (scrapping after tearing), and can not be reused. In this way, those criminals in society will not be given the opportunity to recycle old packaging as fake. This is also one of the characteristics of comprehensive anti-counterfeiting packaging superior to other anti-counterfeiting technologies

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