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Caiying shelf: talking about the benefits of warehouse shelves

the purpose of warehouse shelves is nothing more than to store goods. Then someone will surely ask, even if you don't choose warehouse shelves, you can also store goods, so why do you still use warehouse shelves? Then simply analyze from the following points, why do you need to use warehouse shelves? Especially for some small and medium-sized enterprises, is it necessary to use shelves to store goods

first of all, we can compare it with the difference between the direct storage of goods in the warehouse under the 1-BODY clamp and the storage of goods on the shelf. For the same warehouse, assuming that the goods cannot be stacked, the door may only store 100 goods, but after using the warehouse shelf, it may store 300 or more. Even if the goods can be stacked, there is generally a limit on the number of stacking layers. The form of direct storage makes it impossible for the goods to be stacked too high, and if they are too high, they will collapse. But the shelves are different. The stability of the shelves is stronger. At the same time, it can also add layers with the height of the warehouse. It is also very convenient to access goods. It can be said that after using the warehouse shelves, the space utilization rate is improved

as mentioned above, the storage mode of directly stacking goods is likely to cause damage to goods, and the shelf also perfectly avoids this, reducing unnecessary cost waste. At the same time, shelves can make the storage of products more orderly, facilitate the storage of goods by staff, and better cooperate with forklifts and other storage equipment, effectively improve work efficiency, save human resources for enterprises, and make better work with fewer people

the impact of shelves on warehouses is subtle, and obvious changes may not be found in a short time, but as long as enterprises adhere to use them for a period of time, they will be very glad that they chose shelves at the beginning. Guangzhou Caiying automation equipment Co., Ltd.: a brief summary of the benefits of shelves is not only to improve space utilization, but also to improve the efficiency of goods access

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