On the charm of packaging

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Talking about the charm of packaging

packaging design is a design art science integrating practical technology, marketing and aesthetics. It not only makes products safe and beautiful, but also becomes a powerful marketing tool today

concept of packaging design

literally, the word "packaging" is a parallel structure, "package" is packaging, "package" is decoration, which means wrapping and decorating items. From the perspective of design, "package" is to wrap things with certain materials. Its fundamental purpose is to make things not easy to be damaged and convenient for transportation. This is the category of practical science and belongs to the concept of material; "Loading" refers to the modification point of things, so the rubber tensile testing machine must accurately measure the strain of the sample in the rubber tensile test. This refers to beautifying and decorating the wrapped things with different methods to make them look more beautiful. This is an aesthetic category and belongs to the concept of culture. Simply speaking, "packaging" is a reasonable and effective integration of these two concepts

functionality in packaging design is always the first. No matter what shape is designed, it should be endowed with the principle of simple positioning and inaccuracy, which conforms to the ergonomic structure, and constitutes a packaging that is safe for products and convenient for users

sometimes designers will blindly pursue novel materials and novel shapes, thus forgetting the basic requirements of packaging, safety, reliability and convenience, which is a big taboo in design. This is particularly important in the packaging of chemical, medical machinery, electronic technology and other products

connotation of packaging design

after the packaging design meets the basic requirements of the product, we should consider more about the connotation of the design of pneumatic clamping of samples. If the concept of packaging design is a human body wrapped and decorated without clothing art, and the manifestation of packaging design is human clothing, clothing, and spring bench fatigue testing machine under the experimental conditions with a stress amplitude of 323.62mpa and a maximum stress of 833.57mpa, then the connotation of packaging design is the spiritual and cultural thought of this person. A person's dress can reflect his thoughts and cultivation, and the packaging design can also reflect the different connotations of products, brands, enterprises and so on

first of all, we need to find the personality characteristics of the product. People at the same age have different personality characteristics, and so do products. Products of the same type also have their own characteristics. The first entry point of packaging is to compare similar products, find out the similarities and differences, divide the consumer class according to the target market, and accurately position the products in line with the distinctive personality of the products. Take the "cucucucubao" product in the kuakeli brand as an example, it is positioned in the lively, cheerful, young people who like to pursue. In view of this consumer psychology, the design elements are taken from the representative clothing of young people - jeans, and the color is compared with yellow and blue, with a simple style. As soon as the product is put on the market, it is welcomed by the majority of young people and has recently become one of the new favorites of Valentine's day. This is determined by its distinctive personality

secondly, after giving humanized personality to products, packaging design should also reflect the connotation of commodity brands. While "Cuqiu Baobao" has been recognized by the majority of young people, kuakeli brand has also become popular with the rise of "Cuqiu Baobao" sales, spread among young people's consciousness and behavior, and the brand image representing youth, vitality, lightness and sweetness has also been established

thirdly, packaging is also the accumulation and reflection of corporate cultural image

packaging is designed for products. Products come from enterprises, and packaging design undoubtedly reflects the cultural image of enterprises. For example, the packaging design of Coca Cola not only endows the product brand connotation, but also reflects the accumulation of Coca Cola corporate culture. The vigorous and enthusiastic enterprise spirit has penetrated all over the world. Whenever Coca Cola packaging appears, people will always feel the inherent cultural essence of Coca Cola company

finally, the packaging design also reflects a certain regional and national culture

this is particularly prominent in the packaging design of the food industry. For example, for the packaging of tea, Westerners only interpret tea as a simple drink, while Orientals inject tea into more cultural heritage, thus forming a unique "tea culture" in the East. Naturally, the style of tea packaging in the East and the west is also different. Another example is wine packaging. Westerners' understanding of wine tends to be a symbol of power, giving it a noble and luxurious image. The packaging also uses gorgeous shapes and colors. Even the civilian beer can see the pursuit of strong power in the packaging design style. The Oriental people tend to be spiritual about wine, giving it more emotional color. The ancients often recited poems about wine, or used wine to drink when relatives and friends were reunited or separated. They mostly used wine to express their emotions. Therefore, the packaging was also more spiritual. On the whole, it was clear, new and elegant, which made people associate and daydream

the performance of packaging design

the performance of packaging design is usually composed of three-dimensional wrapping design and plane decorative design

the three-dimensional shape forms the basic shape of packaging. Recently, with the development and utilization of new materials, it also provides a larger space for the modeling of packaging design. Traditional materials, such as paper, wood, cloth... Are no longer the only choice. New recycled materials and environmental friendly materials also make packaging design have more forms of development

from the perspective of plane decoration, the use of color is no longer limited to the traditional understanding. For example, in the food industry, the traditional concept believes that warm color conditioning line design that is easy to produce appetite should be used more. However, for example, the color of "interesting" food uses the blue used in the traditional industrial packaging design, and "yitoulian" food also uses the purple that is usually regarded as colored, while "tide" washing powder uses the orange color in the food industry. There are many such examples. Their unconventional color concept has left a deep first impression on consumers, made the brand image of products deeply rooted in the hearts of the people, and played an important role in improving sales. In addition to color factors, graphics and text are also factors that cannot be ignored in plane visual effects, such as "interesting", "happy Lotus", "tide" and other products. People do not include them in the ranks of industrial products or food. The reason is that while changing the color, the designer firmly grasps the original essential characteristics of the product and accurately reflects the product information on the elements of pictures, graphics, visual symbols and so on. This is the reason why packaging design wins in plane vision, and it is also the law of winning

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